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Welcome to the new ABQ.com and thank you for signing up for our new service. To setup your email account, click on the Webmail link in the Navigate bar on the left or type in the address mail.abq.com.

Enable POP3/SMTP for ABQ.com mail

Server Settings for POP3/SMTP

Webmail/Email Setup Call us any time (505) 349-3470

1. Login with your username and password provided when you signed up for the service. REMEMBER: @abq.com is already there, so you just type your username.

2. Enter the on-screen characters and then press I Accept.

That is it. Your email account is ready to use.

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How to Setup POP/SMTP Access

3. To use your ABQ.com email account with an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird you need to enable POP inside Webmail. Login to your ABQ.com via the web. Then click on Settings found at the Top Right of the screen

4. Click on Forwarding and POP.

5. Select the radio button in #2 Enable POP for all mail and then press the Save Settings button. IMPORTANT: Remember to press the Save Changes button. Most people forget, so be that special person and remember to Save Changes.

6. If you select the Settings menu and then choose Forwarding and POP this is what the screen should look like. If it still says Status: POP is disabled you didn't press Save Changes. Repeat the previous step and then Save Changes.

7. To setup email for your specific email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook email, click on Configuration instructions for a list of different email clients and instructions.

POP/SMTP Server Settings

Here are the basic settings you will need for any email client.

Your username is your full email address. For example: your_name@abq.com

POP/POP3 Incoming Mail

Server: pop.gmail.com
Port: 995
Server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)

SMTP Outgoing Mail

Server: smtp.gmail.com
Port: 465
Server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)

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